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Internship program

ViviendasLeón (VL) offers summer and year-round internships focusing on solutions to rural poverty through the lens of sustainable development. Students work with our staff and alongside rural communities to gain first hand experience in non-profit operations, project research, development, implementation and assessment. Our internship program is open to high school, college, and graduate students as well as professional at our offices in both León, Nicaragua over the summer and in San Francisco throughout the year.

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León Summer Internship Program:
Our summer internship program is designed to provide field experience in International Development with an emphasis on Central America. A variety of internship focus areas are available. Interns will learn how to plan, design and implement different development programs while working closely with a ViviendasLeón staff member. Interns will live with local families, explore the beautiful city of León and the surrounding countryside during this 2-week program.

Summer internships in León range from 2-8 weeks from June-August every year.

“When I started my honors thesis process I had not imagined that I would have this kind of opportunity - to work with a real organization that makes a real impact”
- Bridgette, Program Evaluation Intern, Summer 2017

“The community of has experienced healing and empowerment through VL's training sessions, but now it's time to train the people to build and create more opportunity for vulnerability.”
- Danielle, Graduate Student Thesis Intern, Summer 2017

“Working on this project has been an incredible experience, and we've just only laid the foundation of what's to come. The work we've been doing will be affecting the future of organizations to come. There's still so much more to do, but I would like to thank VL for giving us the opportunity to not only research processes to make organizations better but to actually provide us a real application to the work we're doing.”
- Karim, Program Evaluation Intern, Summer 2017

San Francisco Internship Program:
Our San Francisco internship is designed to provide students with a first hand experience in non-profit operations, and International Development. Interns will work closely with ViviendasLeón staff on projects relating to organizational growth and outreach. Interns will gain professional and organizational training through a variety of work projects; from community outreach, and grants research to social media management, and fundraising.

Internships at our San Francisco office range from 8-16 weeks throughout the year.

“Interning with VL has taught me a lot about the operational side of a nonprofit and showed me what skills I need to develop in order to work in other nonprofits in the future. I think it’s a good opportunity for [International Studies] students who are studying the challenges of development to learn about it in a real way, seeing how development organizations respond to challenges and structure programs.”
- Kristen, Marketing and Research Intern, Fall 2017

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Our global education program is a conduit to transformative experiences in international service connecting schools, student interns and families to people in need, to places of historic and environmental beauty, and to cultures of richness and diversity.
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