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ViviendasLeon brings school groups, students, and families to Nicaragua to work side by side with rural community members, live with host families, and become immersed in the culture, history and environment of Leon. During your stay, you learn about Nicaragua from its people.

Through your participation, you provide support that impacts the standard of living of families in rural communities. By getting to know your neighbors and sharing with them, you build community and the bridges of understanding and become part of the community.

Learn first-hand about the complexities of poverty and the role history plays in the present. Develop an awareness of the diversity of cultures and points of view, gain a knowledgeable, caring perspective. When you join a trip, you contribute to the solution.

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Our global education program is a conduit to transformative experiences in international service connecting schools, student interns and families to people in need, to places of historic and environmental beauty, and to cultures of richness and diversity.
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