Sustaining Communities

General fund 

Donations support the work of our organization and staff who are responsible for the development and implementation of our innovative programs that are at the core of our mission. 

Gifts between $100 to $10,000 will help us meet our annual goals

Human Capacity Training fund

The foundation of all our development programs is the education, training and counseling that our Human Capacity Training provides.  Based on psycho-social training, this 3 month program strengthens self-esteem, builds confidence, skills and citizenship to create the personal agency for change, while preparing for the technical aspects of environmental restoration and agricultural production.

A gift of $400 will fund one adult each year. Our goal is to offer this program for 20 adults annually.  

Family Farms fund

Food security is a fundamental goal of our adult program. The Environmental education and sustainable farming program trains families to understand their environment as a sustainable resource and as a support system for their own health and economic vitality. Families learn to develop their own food resources and create a local, agriculture based economy while sustaining the environment that in turn supports these activities.

A $500 gift doubles the size of an existing farm or funds a new farm for a recent HCT graduate

Water security fund

Water security is an essential aspect of integrated development.  Farming families need consistent water throughout the year for irrigation through improvements made to their hand-dug wells.  Existing latrines also need to be upgraded to composting latrines to eliminate sources of ground water pollution.

A $500 gift improves a family well and guarantees sufficient irrigation water

Small Business fund

Small business development is the third leg of our adult program.  Each year some graduates of the Human Capacity Program choose to spend a year in business administration, planning and implementation workshops for the opportunity to launch a business they design with their cohort.

A gift of $1,000 will launch a new small business

Youth Arts Program fund

The arts program, located in the recently completed Zoelimax Foundation Community Center in Goyena, emphasizes social and cultural education, with a focus on cultural identity, creative thinking, entrepreneurship, youth counseling and skill building. The program incorporates a youth-oriented human capacity program focusing on gender equality and identity, leadership and civic engagement.

A $300 gift supports one student for the year.

Student Scholarship fund

Originally funded by a group of MCDS families, this program serves students in high school and 4-year colleges. Students agree to maintain an above 80% GPA, and take on community responsibilities including classroom support, mentoring and tutoring of non-scholarship students. The program sets an example for other youth, and is a new opportunity for rural students. It creates a route to successfully complete school and opens the door to employment opportunities.

A $500 gift will provide one student a scholarship for one year.

Youth Soccer League fund

After school sports is a great opportunity for young boys and girls to have healthy activities while learning teamwork, leadership and conflict resolution skills.  The league currently has 6 teams with 120 boys from three communities.  Our goal is to continue growing this program each year to include more teams and communities in the league.  

A $1,000 gift will sponsor a new team.


For the price of a ticket to Six Flags you can provide a family with a sustaining donation of chickens that will provide eggs for their diet and for their income.

A $50 gift will provide 5 chickens for a family.