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ViviendasLeón is the only non-profit organization today whose mission combines sustainable development and global education. The result is a transformational and authentic experience for school groups, families and students who are committed to global citizenship, experiential service learning and cultural immersion.

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Lasting partnerships with schools, communities and organizations make it possible for ViviendasLeón to deliver local development programs that teach skills, create opportunities and sustain communities in León, Nicaragua.

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ViviendasLeon embodies transformative experiences in global education travel. Our programs offer the opportunity to become the person you want to be; to introduce your family to other people, cultures and perspectives; to experience challenges and feel successful; to eliminate barriers to understanding of others; to inspire students to become compassionate global citizens; and to gain new independence and insights about yourself and the world we live in.

Challenge yourself to live, learn and work in another culture.

Share a meaningful, family experience that is profound, fun, and life-changing.  

Deepen your curriculum through experiential learning

One community, lasting impact

ViviendasLeon embodies an ongoing commitment to innovative sustainable development in Nicaragua since its founding in 2003. Based in the indigeous region of Sutiaba near León, ViviendasLeón works with communities creating integrated solutions to the interrelated issues contributing to poverty.

Honey production is an important component to environmental education and agricultural business development

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As climate change progresses and we are seeing its impacts on the global scale, we equally must pay attention to the people who are hit the hardest.

As our Kitchen Update Project is coming to a close in one school, VL and our partner organizations are making plans to expand the program to others.

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